Category: Physical Activity

New Call to Action to Boost Physical Activity in Young People

August 4th, 2021
  Researchers from around the world published a series of studies on July 21 calling for urgent action to boost physical activity among young people and get them moving more.   Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents   An estimated 80 percent… more »

Following Exercise Recommendations Could Cut Risk of Early Death

July 15th, 2020
  Getting the recommended amount of exercise could lower your risk of early death, a new study indicates.   Following Guidelines can Make a Difference   The United State’s guidelines suggests at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity or at least 7… more »

Federal Government Releases New Exercise Guidelines

November 21st, 2018
Guidelines released on November 12 by the federal government show that most Americans are not getting the exercise they need, costing the healthcare system over $100 billion each year. New Standards The new standards are similar to those released 10 y… more »

Take Precautions When Exercising in the Heat

July 6th, 2016
Exercising in hot weather puts extra stress on your body. If you don’t take care when exercising in the heat, you risk causing a serious illness. Heat Related Illnesses During the summer both exercise and air temperature increase your core body temper… more »

Healthy Garden; Healthy Life

April 27th, 2016
The days are longer and the weather keeps getting warmer, which means it is a perfect time to start gardening. In addition to being a source of fresh healthy produce, gardening can ease stress, keep you limber and even improve your mood. Make the Most… more »