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Not Making 10,000 Steps? 7,000 Works Too

September 29th, 2021
  While 10,000 steps a day is great, 7,000 daily steps may go a long way, according to a new study.   Keep on Moving   A new study finds that middle age people, who walked at least 7,000 steps a day on average, were 50 to 70 percent less likely to… more »

Federal Government Releases New Exercise Guidelines

November 21st, 2018
Guidelines released on November 12 by the federal government show that most Americans are not getting the exercise they need, costing the healthcare system over $100 billion each year. New Standards The new standards are similar to those released 10 y… more »

Have a Fun (and Healthy) Summer Road Trip

July 12th, 2017
Sometimes you just have to follow the open road and go on a road trip. Just don’t let fast food and lack of physical activity ruin your healthy habits. Be Physical on the Road While you may not be close to your local gym or personal fitness equipment,… more »

Are Reality Mobile Games Improving Health?

August 3rd, 2016
Pokémon Go, the newest augmented reality mobile game seems to be the next big craze. But can it help players improve their health? Reality Mobile Games You’ve seen them around town, Pokémon Go players of all ages popping up everywhere you are. While t… more »

New Year, New Employee Wellness Program

February 24th, 2016
Now that the New Year is under way, it might be a good time to start thinking about adding an employee wellness program to your company's health plan. Healthy employees equal a healthy and productive workforce. Designing an Employee Wellness Program W… more »