Category: Blood Pressure

Salt Substitute Could Help With Blood Pressure

February 21st, 2024
People who lower the amount of salt in their diet by using salt substitute may significantly decrease their risk of developing high blood pressure, a study suggests. Salt Substitute Study The report analyzed data from hundreds of adults, ages 55 and o… more »

Lowering High Blood Pressure may Reduce Dementia Risk

November 9th, 2022
A global study involving 28,000-plus people offers evidence that lowering high blood pressure in seniors can reduce the risk of dementia, researchers say.   Blood Pressure and Dementia Risk   The new study examined the relationship between blood pre… more »

Adults Should be Monitoring Their Blood Pressure at Home

July 10th, 2019
A new study by the American Heart Association says adults should monitor blood pressure at home, in addition to being checked at the doctor’s office. Your Real Blood Pressure Nearly 93 percent of adults in the United States who have high blood pressur… more »

New Guidelines Lower High Blood Pressure Threshold

November 22nd, 2017
New guidelines lower the threshold for high blood pressure, adding 30 million Americans to those who have the condition, which now plagues nearly half of adults in the United States. New Guidelines Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers, systolic p… more »