Category: Cold Season

Is it Allergies or a Cold?

April 20th, 2017
Seasonal allergies and the common cold can be so alike that it’s sometimes hard to tell the two apart. Seasonal Allergies vs. the Common Cold Not sure if you are battling a cold or allergies? Ask yourself: Have the seasons changed? If yes, it could… more »

Myth or Truth: Can Vitamin C Help Prevent a Cold?

January 11th, 2017
It’s cold season and you hope the glass of orange juice you have every morning will prevent you from catching the office cold. Are Mom’s pearls of wisdom actually true, can a daily dose of vitamin C help? Vitamin C and the Common Cold Vitamin C is a n… more »

Avoid the ER This Holiday Season

November 26th, 2014
The holidays are here, which means it is time for fun, family and food! It can also mean an unplanned trip to the emergency room, which no one wants to take. Food for Thought One of the best parts of the holidays is eating your favorite holiday meal.… more »

Fact or Fiction: Can Chicken Soup Cure a Cold?

October 22nd, 2014
There’s a chill in air and frost on the ground, which can only mean one thing: cold and flu season has arrived.  Along with cold and flu season comes many suggestions on how to cure cold and flu symptoms.  Many recommend a good dose of chicken soup—but… more »

Dealing with the Common Cold

October 23rd, 2013
There are over one billion cases of colds in the United States each year. That may not make you feel better when you have one, but at least you know that you are not alone. Signs and Symptoms of a Cold Cold symptoms generally appear one to three days… more »