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New Tests Make Headlines

May 1st, 2024
New tests to detect diseases are in the works according to researchers. Read on to learn more. Multiple Sclerosis Antibodies An early marker of multiple sclerosis could help doctors learn who will develop the disease, a new study says. In every 1 in… more »

New Blood Test Could Help Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease Before Symptoms Appear

January 31st, 2024
Testing a person’s blood for a certain type of protein called phosphorylated tau or p-tau could be used to screen for Alzheimer’s disease with “high accuracy” even before symptoms begin to show, a new study suggests. Blood Test for Alzheimer's Disease… more »

New DNA Test Spots Hard to Diagnose Genetic Diseases

March 16th, 2022
  A new DNA test can accurately identify a range of hard to diagnose neurological and neuromuscular genetic diseases quicker and more accurately than currently available diagnostic tools, according to researchers.   Testing for Genetic Diseases   T… more »

New Blood Test can Help Identify Those at Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

December 1st, 2021
  A new blood test may be more than 80 percent accurate at identifying people at risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, a study found.   Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Disease   The test called PrecivityAD identifies those with elevated levels of the… more »

Cancer Detecting Blood Test is Accurate Enough to be Used on Older Population

July 7th, 2021
  Scientists have concluded that a blood test that can detect 50 types of cancer (even before signs of the disease) is accurate enough to be used as a screening test for older people.   Blood Test   Scientists found that the test could detect cance… more »