Category: Heart Health

“Broken Hearts” are on the Rise

November 10th, 2021
  The number of Americans diagnosed with “broken heart” syndrome has steadily risen is the past 15 years—with the vast majority being women, a new study finds.   New Research on “Broken Hearts”   In the new study, researchers found that since 2006,… more »

New Studies Show Donor Hearts From Drug Abusers are Still Viable

August 11th, 2021
  Two new studies show that hearts from donors who abused drugs can be safely donated.   Opioid Crisis and Heart Donations   In the past two decades, the opioid crisis has taken the lives of thousands of Americans-often young, otherwise healthy peo… more »

Stair Climbing is Good Alternative Workout for Cardiac Patients

June 2nd, 2021
  Two new studies show that climbing the stairs is a good workout alternative to the gym for heart patients.   Stair Climbing as Gym Alternative   Researchers noted that less than a quarter of heart patients stick to exercise regimens and that comm… more »

Hands Only CPR Helps Save Lives

April 10th, 2019
A Swedish review of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest data shows that rates of bystander CPR nearly doubled; compression only CPR increased six-fold over an 18 year period; and the chance of survival was doubled for any form of CPR compared with no CPR, ac… more »

Aspirin may not be the Answer to Heart Attack Prevention

March 27th, 2019
According to new guidelines published on March 18 by the American College of Cardiology, not enough evidence exists to show that aspirin can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. New Guidelines Have you been relying on aspirin to prevent a heart att… more »