Category: Oral Health

New Study Warns People to Rethink Oral Piercings

June 29th, 2022
A new study warns that tongue and lip piercings can do damage to your teeth and gums. Study Finds Oral Piercings Damage Teeth Researchers analyzed eight studies that included 408 people with a combined 236 lip piercings and 236 tongue piercings. In al… more »

Dental Health May be More About Nurture Than Nature

May 8th, 2019
Environmental factors are more important than genetics in determining who gets cavities, a new study reports. New Study on Dental Health Australian researchers recruited 250 twin pairs when their mothers were still pregnant. They collected health and… more »

New Ads Placed by Tobacco Companies Speak Out Against Smoking

December 6th, 2017
On the weekend of November 25th, new ads warning about the dangers of smoking hit newsstands and airwaves. Surprisingly, they were placed by major tobacco companies. New Ads Admit to Wrongdoing Under the orders of the federal courts, tobacco companies… more »

February is Children’s Dental Health Month

February 8th, 2017
Think you have time before you have to worry about your little one’s teeth? Think again. Parents need to start thinking about their children’s teeth from day one. Protect Your Children’s Teeth According to the Academy of American Pediatrics (AAP), too… more »

Good Oral Health Means Good Overall Health

July 30th, 2015
An analysis of recent federal data by the American Dental Association shows dental emergency room visits doubled from 1.1 million in 2000 to 2.2 million in 2012.  Oral health and overall body health are intertwined, making it important to take care of y… more »