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Paper Straws not as Eco-Friendly as Imagined

September 7th, 2023
Paper straws, which were meant to be an eco-friendly alternative, may not be better for the environment, a new study suggests.The study warns that paper straws can contain “forever chemicals” that can harm human health. Paper Straws and PFAS The resea… more »

Scientists Find Safer Method for Destroying “Forever Chemicals”

September 2nd, 2022
Scientists may have a safer way to destroy PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals.” Destroying PFAS PFAS, which stands for polyfluoroalkyl substances, is a class of synthetic chemicals used in the manufacture of consumer products. PFAS can linger perm… more »

Could Your Kitchen be Making You Sick?

July 13th, 2022
The natural gas piped into your home contains a variety of toxic chemicals, including nearly two dozen so harmful they’re classified as hazardous air pollutants, a new study says. Hazardous Gas Found In Kitchens Natural gas samples taken from 69 Bosto… more »

More “Forever Chemicals” in Water Than Initially Thought

February 5th, 2020
  A new report has found that Americans are more widely exposed to synthetic polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS) than previously thought.   Forever Chemicals in Tap Water   PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency (… more »