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New Emergency Hotline for Mental Health Crisis

July 27th, 2022
A new three digit emergency hotline (similar to 911) is now available to take calls across the nation. Emergency Hotline The number of the new hotline is 988 and anyone experiencing an urgent mental health crisis can call for free and confidential pr… more »

New Study Shows Babbling is a Baby’s Way of Learning to Communicate

July 20th, 2022
A new study shows that infants as young as three to five months old can tell that the unintelligible sounds they make before they learn to talk can impact the people around them. New Study on Babbling Babies Traditionally babbling has been thought of… more »

Could Your Kitchen be Making You Sick?

July 13th, 2022
The natural gas piped into your home contains a variety of toxic chemicals, including nearly two dozen so harmful they’re classified as hazardous air pollutants, a new study says. Hazardous Gas Found In Kitchens Natural gas samples taken from 69 Bosto… more »

New Tool May Help Predict Concussion

July 6th, 2022
A sensor patch worn on the back of the neck may help measure whiplash and predict the risk of concussion in high impact sports, new research suggests. New Sensor May Help With Whiplash and Concussion A new small and flexible device was able to detect… more »