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Not Sure What to Add to the Pan? Choose Olive Oil

January 26th, 2022
  Adding less than a tablespoon of olive oil to their diet lowers a person’s risk of death from heart disease or lung disease, as well as brain disorders and cancer, a new study found.   Choosing Olive Oil   Compared to the participants who rarely… more »

New Blood Test Could Help Spot Preeclampsia

January 19th, 2022
  A blood test may help spot pregnant women who are at risk for developing preeclampsia—dangerously high blood pressure during pregnancy—before it becomes a threat to both the mother and child.   New Study on Preeclampsia   Preeclampsia occurs in a… more »

Study Shows no Link Between Behavior Issues and Head Impacts in Youth Football

January 12th, 2022
  Repetitive head impacts in youth tackle football among children ages nine to 12 are not associated with cognitive or behavioral problems, a new study found.   Youth Tackle Football and Behavioral Issues   For the study, researchers followed 70 ma… more »

Meditation may Help Immune System

January 5th, 2022
  Meditation done at an intense level may bring a significant boost to the inner workings of your immune system.   New Study on Meditation   The study follows a blood sample analysis that took pre- and post mediation snapshots of genetic activity a… more »